Sunday, June 28, 2015


Hi there, I'm back!  and with a review.  I'm sorry I've been away.  I've been having skin problems lately so I haven't been trying anything new.
DISCLAIMER:  before I get attacked or questioned do know these things.  At my age I already know my own female cycle, yung tipong, pag gutumin na ko (always hungry even if I just ate something heavy) yan, pms na yan, malapit na ko magkaroon.  pag tipong heavy ang feeling, bloated, yan, I'm about to have my period.  While using really good skin care, I still get pimples, everywhere else  except my face.   Also, I've been using a bb cream that I went back to because of an event I attended, this bb cream has not cause and will not cause me zits.  When I went to Hong Kong I also used a foundation that I've been using on and off for a year now and no this foundation does not cause me zits.
I'd get the zits on my hairline, inside my nose, I'd get mouth sores, I'd get zits on my chest because I can't afford to put ultimune on my chest.   So yes, I know the times of the month that I get pimples on my body or face.  Knowing the times of the month and how my skin behaves makes me at least sure of what my skin should be doing, what its going through and when it's over.
So on to the review:
A month ago or so I started using this scrub foam.
Like I keep saying, the great thing about buying your Korean or Japanese products in the Philippines or Singapore is you get stickers like the below that gives us the ingredients in English.
I like the tube, it has the foil cover for my assurance that the item hasn't been used.
It's pretty effective in removing water proof products as you can see below.
However, after a couple of weeks of usage (once in the morning and once at night).  I started to get zits.
and well, my skin got worse.
So I gave it to my life partner who's a guy, whose skin I thought was made of steel.  After he used the scrub foam for about a week, EVEN HE GOT a couple of zits.
So it isn't just me, it isn't just my time of the month, even a guy who don't get periods was not immune to the zit causing effect of this scrub foam.
So ayun.  This thing caused me and my partner zits.
It's PhP498 per tube.  It doesn't foam up either, it's more of a scrub, but that could be because of the waterproof bb cream or foundation I use.  It does clean off water proof liner and does leave my skin squeaky clean after two washes.
But we ended up not using it anymore because of what we think this product has done to the faces of our skins. 
What did this month cost me? Weeks of no new product reviews.  Weeks of no selfies while trying out new cc creams or bb creams.  About PhP3000 worth of anti bacterial cream, derma consultation with one of Belo's dermatologists at the Megamall and Nexcare items to cover up my huge zit.  The extra hour each day (30mins in the morning and 30mins at night) for me to clean up and apply medication on my infection.  And of course the antibiotics I had to take every 6 hours.  An antibiotic prescribed for boils.  YES, BOILS.
So it's not just the thing cause me several zits and one severe one that got infected.  Part of the infection is ME.  How my immune system should've have healed itself but instead got worse.  So I do acknowledge that it isn't all the products fault.  Many of you could be using this and not get zits at all.  So I am not blaming anyone, I'm not thinking that I got a bad batch product, I'm saying this product just didn't work out for two of us, that's all.


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