Thursday, July 30, 2015


I am generally known for Korean cosmetics but we all wash ou hair right?
Recently Watson's and The SM Store recently held a fashion affair of sorts.  The affair sported  different hair styles, hair braids, and of course hair colors!
Our event was also graced by famous bloggers and journalists.
A hair event without Vitress and Vitress is currently endorsed by Ms Solenn Heussaff and she performed for all of us that afternoon.
She also explained to us how awesome our hair can be.
And she passed by the Vitress counter.  I had asked her if she still gets her hair treated like at the salon.  She said yes but not as much so having Vitress in your hair does help!
She allowed me to have a selfie with her!
An event can't be kwela without the effervescent Ms Bianca Valero! The great thing about her is she seems to remember me, well, if she doesn't then she makes one feel like you and she knows each other like good acquaintances :-) such a great quality to have as a host.
The main event was at the SM North, the Block but The SM store with Watson's had free coloring booths from the hair care brands they carry and each purchase of a hair color allows you free application from each brands colorists in many SM malls.  You get your hair done in a mall, it couldn't be more convenient!
This was a great event to show case Watson's hair care brands such as Diane and the new hair care products by Dove as well.  As you know after you color your hair you need to maintain the sheen and vitality of the color with different hair care products such as Vitress with its many variants from sun protection to color maintenance to serums to keep your hair from breaking.

Check out the variety of hair color and hair care brands found at the SM store and Watson's that caters to our many needs and budgetary constraints.  Choose to color your life!


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