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Color in Liquid Lips (Php598.00)
The Color in Liquid Lips with “One-Touch-Color” technology that gives vivid color to your lips! With a lightweight, non-sticky texture it smoothly glides onto your lips, plus it has almond oil and sun flower oil for soft and supple lips! It has unique water drop shaped applicator that follows the shape of your lips and makes Korean gradient lips easier to achieve!
Available in 20colors to match your every look and every mood!
  1. PK001 Pink in Ribbon
  2. PK008 Pink in Punk
  3. RD301 I'm in love
  4. PK002 Pink in Happiness
  5. PK009 Pink in Moster
  6. RD302 Red in Kiss
  7. PK003 Pink in Rose
  8. OR201 Juicy in Juice
  9. BE102 Beige in Chic
  10. PK004 Rose in Bloom
  11. OR202 Peach in Dream
  12. BE101 Beige in Caramel
  13. PK005 Pink in Dolly
  14. OR203 Orange in Pop
  15. PP501 Perfume in Candy
  16. PK006 Always in Pink
  17. OR204 Orange in Spicy
  18. PP502 Purple in Friday
  19. PK007 Pink in Clutch
  20. OR205 Made in Sweet
Instructions and description in English.
Ingredients are below
You know I almost either twisted my arm into a strain or broke the lid of these two.  Of course right? I don't google first!? hahahah I thought this actually was a lip STICK.  But you twist this off to get the applicator stick out and it looks like this.  The top of the tube has a stopper to prevent spillage and accidental splatter of the product.
When they said vivid, they really mean it. It doesn't even fade out at the ends of the swatch.
I'm really a fan of the gradient lip so there will be none on this blog.    This is a fantastic product and doesn't deserve to be thinned out, ever.
A cool pink, the PK001. 
This shade is just as vivid
The same blendability, the same quality of the product not separating, meaning the pigment does not keep in the center while the liquid bleed out of the sides of your lips.
The colors last a long time on your lips until you eat something oily.
But does leave a good tint to keep you from looking like you've seen a ghost.
  • packaging - no wastage and the stopper on my products do not slide off unlike similarly packaged product (whether it be concealer or lip products as well)
  • very very slick to apply unlike what I thought to be one my all time faves the Revlon ColorStay Liquid Lipstick that does tend to bleed depending on the shade
  • speaking of bleeding, this product from Etude House does not bleed out on my lips (so no need for lip liner or extra concealer around the mouth to catch the oils from the lip product)
  • does not dry out my lips, the almond oil in it works on me (although people who are allergic to nuts might do well to avoid this product)
  • lasting as long as I don't eat anything oily
  • 20 hala ka, TWENTY shades!
  • takes very little for a full lips application so tipid so this can last you quite a while and therefore you can stretch out it's peso value for a good few months
  • instructions and description are in English
  • no weird smell
  • tasted nice like fruity bubble gum hard to describe but definitely not gross
  • no need for gloss on this imho unless you like the 'look-at-my-lips-I-just-ate-lechon' look
  • a bit pricey or an etude house product noh? parang Revlon na ang presyo kung tutuusin BUT hey justifiable considering the pros I've mentioned
  • the lighter shades can go in the deeper lines or cracks or lip skin that is about to come off giving you a cracked look on your lips but this is true of most lighter shades, this one with two of its oils
DO I RECOMMEND: Sure if you can afford it why not, it's definitely a good purchase.
WILL I BUY MY OWN SHADE? most likely, possibly one of the salmon kind of pink ones.  I'm not a fan of cool pinks.
Yes, I know this post is long over due but anyway, here it is.  Some of you should have this by now, so tell me what you think!?


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