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Yey another review  A very long overdue review.  But now, I'm glad I'm writing about this review a year later.  Yes, it takes very little for full coverage when using this thing and yes, as you know I do review other foundations and cc creams so this goes in the pile but it seems, a year later, it is what I come back to use.
The description is in the box, and like I always remind people, unless a product really works well on you?  You're better off buying Japanese and Korean products in the Philippines or Singapore that way you're assured you'd get English packaging so you can research the product first prior to making a commitment and buying something this valuable or in a word, expensive.
The ingredients are conveniently on the box.
But the product description is also in different languages in the product insert.

My shade as per my Shiseido makeup artist Michyel
The foundation comes with a sponge and a container with the sponge.  Ang sosyal noh.
And it's reminding us to read the product insert.
It has a pointed spout for controlled dispensing of the product and dispensing.  There's also a ball bearing inside the plastic bottle so that it's mixed well when you shake it before you apply.
It's on the watery side but that is a good thing specially when you forget to apply your moisturizer in the morning, so you can easily blend this out.
And it's my second skin.
It evens out my skin tone and the coverage is medium to heavy.
and it lasts all day.
This was the foundation I used during my entire recent visit to sunny, hot and humid Hong Kong. 
 If there's one thing you can splurge on for PhP1750 that you will use for quite a while and will protect you from the sun whilst not giving you zits, black heads or white heads.  A foundation that gives you coverage without looking like a mask on your face, a sun block that is humidity resistant.  Sorry I didn't go swimming so my only experience that this is water resistant is the fact that it doesn't rub off on my phone.  That it doesn't smear on the rims on my glasses even if my scalp sweat has reached the front of my glasses hahahaha yes that's how hot it got walking around Hong Kong ;-)
  • the packaging - it's in a plastic bottle that is easy to hold and won't break easily and is therefore travel friendly.  The spout makes dispensing the product in a more hygienic way and it saves you product than say the Revlon colorstay foundation bottle.
  • the formula - the formula is on the watery side but that for me makes it more blendable
  • the shade match - it just works on my skin
  • spf 43! so I do go out in the sun with this on and I didn't get dark :-)
  • doesn't smear off
  • doesn't melt off
  • it lasts all day
  • it doesn't cake up
  • doesn't give me zits AT ALL
  • doesn't make me look like a ghost - no floating white head
  • not difficult to remove from my face 
  • takes very little to cover my entire
well, the price, of course. 
This blog is about saving a buck.  So my tip is to think of this product as an investment in your skin. 
Summer went by in a blink of an eye, so you may be thinking, why would I need such a high spf product when clearly this is marketed for summer.  Well, it's always summer or rainy in South East Asia, wearing this isn't too obvious to wear this in school and a little cheek tint and you're good to go!
You can argue, 'but ateh Marge, we like bb creams or cc creams' well, that's good, but if you want a sure thing that won't give you a gray caste then this is your bourgeois choice of face product.  The silent but deadly choice!


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