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Two years ago, I wrote about my first Precious Mineral Any Cushion, the first iteration or the first version of this product.  You can read my previous by clicking on the link here.  This year however much like the beloved, Etude House has re-released and has new packaging!

Details provided by Etude House Philippines:
Precious Mineral Any Cushion (Php1,098.00) Take this with you to school to create the perfect face makeup! Have flawless skin that lasts up to 8 hours plus SPF 50+/PA+++.
The special puff is designed for easy application without clumping,anytime and anywhere.
What are the functions of the 6-in-1 almighty cushion?
✦Foundation-like Coverage
✦Sebum Control
Available in three shades (light to dark):
✦#N02 Light Beige
✦#W13 Natural Beige
✦#W24 Honey Beige

The All New Precious Mineral Any Cushion 
  • Makeup lasts for up to 8 hours
  • Design update (  From Matte compact -> Shine compact)
  • Additional shades: pink-tone Rosy Beige
  • Launch of Pearl Aura for added luxuriousness (Light Pearl Aura/Natural Pearl Aura)
May collateral sila to explain the features of the re-released product.  Same awesome rubber puff though. May demo how to pa
The shades available are:

I was provided the honey beige w24
As always there's a separator lid, so the design of the insides didn't change, just the outside look of the packaging.
The ingredients are below:
I buy these puffs they are just simply awesome, regardless of what product i use them on.
This blue rubber puff is just awesome for this cushion product.  You can also use them on bb creams and liquid foundations, so stock up on these!
It just spreads the product lightly but doesn't eat up the product like regular makeup sponges.
and it blends out the product well, too
Instructions to user are below

but here i am with the product with one side meron isang side mukha kong kakagising lang
so mumu ang effect pag may flash.  but that's most likely because of the really high spf. so reflective sya pag naka on yung flash mo.
pero ok naman kinalabasan pag walang flash, parang naka lyna or chin chun su sa pagka pink na kinalabasan nito.
so pag di ka careful, mukhang may mascara, kita nyo naman ang hairline ko sa anit diba iba yung kulay? ang puti ko na ng lagay na yan. 

  • They retained the awesome packaging, the updated front design is not bad either
  • they retained the wonderful patented Amore-Pacific puff
  • they retained the nice scent i like
  • it blends ok
  • it doesn't melt off my face
  • doesn't crack
  • doesn't settle on my pores
  • really high spf
  • affordable compared to other non-Amore Pacific brands
  • effective spf just like the original release
  • great coverage, can cover my dark scars from old pimples
  • good finish, not too matte not too oily este dewy
  • cooling naman sya upon application
  • whitening naman sya pag asa mukha mo, di ba? just look at my selfies above hahahah
  • lasting naman sya on the face so even if you wipe off your oils from your face with oil blotting film and even if you see some of that any cushion bb on the film, meron parin sa face mo.
  • hindi naman nag dry yung skin ko using this
  • it tends to feel heavy on the central part of my face by mid day
  • doesn't keep my oilies at bay
  • too reflective unlike its Amore-Pacific sister, my beloved
  • so don't use the flash when doing selfies with this thing
  • it gave me one small zit. isa lang naman it's just that i don't get any zits with the foundation in the blue bottle or the beloved unless na lang talaga pag di ako uminom ng maraming tubig or bongang magkakaroon na ko ng monthly visitor.
I'm pretty sure there are many fans of this product, but for some reason, I am just not on-board with this one.  I really do just end up going back to my beloved or my to the sun protective foundation i have from this japanese brand i really like.  I do recommend this to people who don't care about the reflective qualities of this product.  To the ones who wear scarfs or turtlenecks.  So for fans of this product go lang, yan ang preference nyo eh, wala namang tama or mali sa makeup (no hard and fast rules).
WILL I PURCHASE ONE FOR MYSELF:  most likely not. it's just not the same as my go to sun protective bb cushion and foundation in the blue bottle.
WHY DID IT TAKE ME FOREVER TO WRITE ABOUT THIS: because i was giving it a chance.  i was using it at different times of my cycle, depending on my skin quality which depends when I'm fertile or when i am menstruating.  i also used it with different skin care to see if that made a difference.  Hindi parin, it still feels heavy by mid day and i feel oily. yung beloved, depende sa skin care ko, pag heavy yung skin care ko, nagiging oily ako pag sakto lang, sakto rin lang yung effect ni beloved.  so i gave it a shot, it's a so-so product.


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