Saturday, September 5, 2015

REVIEW: TONY MOLY Baby Aura Compact Pressed Powder 02

I've had this in my bucket for quite a while and it's been a whirl wind for a while now for the last couple of months so blogger had to take a step back.  but hopefully it won't be so for the next few months while I work my way back to get my game on.
As you know there those brands that just agree with my skin no matter what, Tony Moly is one of those brands.
I'll review the bb cream for this compact as soon as i get settled.  for now it's the compact.
It's pink and it has a middle lid that separates the puff from the product
what the swatch looks like.  looks really fair noh?
Product ingredients are below and in English on the side of the box.
What it looks like in the daylight with no flash
with flash, this is the 02
I like Tony Moly products as you well know. I'm always lucky with their makeup and skin care and they never break me out.  The same can be said about this product as well.  Sure, it's slightly more expensive than its competitor but I am willing to shell out the extra cash for the secure knowledge that I won't break me out.
  • shade match, goes well with me with or without a flash turned on
  • nice scent
  • cute packaging with puff lid separator to keep the puff away the product/powder
  • doesn't gunk up on my wrinkles and pores
  • doesn't cake up
  • doesn't stink or is too perfumy
  • lasts about 4 hours til you have to retouch if you work or if you're still in school, the classroom has airconditioning.
  • didn't break me out either
  • the packaging is quite flimsy so be careful when handling this product
Definitely! it doesn't make you ghostly white, it also works well to set your foundation or bb or cc cream.


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